• The premium you are paying for must be for property located in the State of Iowa.
  • Enter the zip code that corresponds with the address used on the Declaration page of the policy.
  • Partial Payments will not be allowed – Please pay the whole amount due.

Terms & Conditions

Completion of the requested information on our website by the policyholder grants Invoice Cloud and/or its Trusted Commerce and Heartland Mutual Insurance permission to withdraw from the requested bank account or charge the requested credit card.  If you do not wish to enter your card information on the website or do not have home access to the Internet, you can call our payment number (1-844-614-2001) and make a payment by phone.

Physical Checks sent to our office for payment are deposited with our Financial Institution and are not turned into e-checks by Heartland Mutual Insurance.

To keep correct records for our CPA’s and the State Insurance Department of Iowa – if there is an over payment or refund to be given a physical check will be issued by Heartland Mutual Insurance to the policyholder. We will not be returning the money through the e-check or credit card process.

If you have submitted payment in error – Heartland Mutual Insurance will issue a physical check directly to you.

Notification of a payment that has defaulted or been rejected by your Financial Institution will result in a service fee of $25.00 and a 10-day notice that proper payment needs to be sent to Heartland Mutual Insurance or your insurance policy will be canceled.